How To Get Involved

Impact Outreach Ministries is devoted to impacting and changing the lives of youth everywhere. Maybe you have wanted to make a difference in the lives of youth & Young People but have been unsure of just how to do it. Right now, a tremendous move of God is occurring in Mid Michigan that is transforming young people and getting them awakened to the deeper things of God. Entire youth groups are experiencing a spiritual awakening that is causing kids to fall in love with Jesus. Hundreds are coming to Christ. You can be a part of this supernatural move of God.

How can you become involved in Impact Outreach?

  1. Pray! There is a fierce battle raging in the heavenlies and we are in desperate need of intercessors who are willing to engage in warfare level praying. Youth need this covering as they engage in the battle between good and evil. This present generation of youth are under attack and we are rapidly losing them to a godless culture. Aggressive, intentional and radical steps must be taken to take back our kids and prepare them for the battle. Sign up to receive regular updates on weekly happenings and when upcoming events will be held. The enemy is after our kids…we need mighty intercessors to fight in this battle for the heart and soul of our youth.
  2. Consider how you might support this dynamic outreach that is winning hundreds to Christ. 100% of what you give goes directly to reach kids and rescue them from the present darkness that is all around them. There is no middle man, no administrative costs and no hidden agendas. Everything goes for the intended request with no exception.
  • Decide on a monthly contribution that will support the efforts of winning the lost at any cost.
  • Designate a one time gift for specific objectives

TENT OF MEETING – Several large tent events are hosted in strategic locations. Pastors & Churches work together to unite youth groups for the specific purpose of winning their friends to Christ AND awakening a new passionate relationship in them for Christ. Using life changing drama, passionate worship, loving relationships and dynamic teaching, kids are clearly presented with the truth that sets them free. These powerful services are changing kids deeply and resulting in dynamic transformations. Many are finding Christ, getting stirred up for God and deciding to become actively involved in their faith on a daily basis. You can help financially host a tent event.

MONTLY GATHERINGS – Each month Youth Groups and Youth Pastors and leaders meet to experience Jesus in Basic Christian Community. These dynamic Youth encounters are filled with relational building moments, lots of food and fun activities, passionate and powerful worship experiences, challenging messages, and small group activation. These youth encounters are encouraging Youth Pastors, stirring up kids for deeper Christ like living, and fueling the local congregation with transformed young people. Youth who found Christ during one of our annual Tent of Meetings are funneled into this powerful disciple making experience. Your kids will never be the same. These County wide monthly Youth Events are springing up in numerous locations. Bold, strategic and designed to change lives for eternity. You can help to financially support the ongoing Monthly Gatherings.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING – Young people are given opportunity for in depth disciple-making training. Some kids want to go deeper. They are ready to tackle a deep study of the bible. They desire to be equipped for future and present leadership opportunities. Those who meet the criteria are taken through an organized systematic approach to becoming a mighty man or women of God. Opportunities are given to serve, lead, host, and to help in the overall ministry of our weekly gatherings as well as the Tent of Meeting. Internships are possible.

IMPACT PASTORS – Working closely with local Pastors our objective shall be to encourage, train, hold up, and support the local church. Periodic gatherings of youth pastors, and senior Pastors shall be for the sole purpose to empower them to do the work of their ministry.

Go to and decide today to get involved. Every dollar you designate will go to its intended purpose. Follow us to receive updates on what God is doing, Tent of Meeting and Impact outreach video clips and regular reports of the miracles occurring in the lives of our Youth.